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You name it: we’ve got boaters service, and Gas on Water, paired with the much essential emergency ship to shore radio. Ride alone or bring a companion with you; with our lovely, temperate climate and a wonderful lakeside backdrop, you can easily relax and bide time in our boat rental activities. Looking for more things to do?

  • Go fish. Show off your skills and teach your kids how to catch with live bait!

  • Wander around on the waters. Glide through the lake as fast, or as slow as you’d like with our watercraft alternatives. Stroll around on a romantic date or bring your older companions on a lovely boating journey.
  • Be safe. We have geared our gas on water boats with an emergency utility so you can be at ease that you can call for help whenever an inevitable mishap occurs.
Each service is coupled with affordable prices, so you can make use of your time with the best deals here in Seven Points, TX.

After making the most of our boat rental in Seven Points, TX, you also enjoy land activities such as shopping! We’ve got shops and a full convenience store, ready to fill in your essentials. Buy a souvenir or two, so you can always keep a memory of your stay with us, wherever you go!

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