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RV Park

RV Park | Causeway Marina LLC

You love adventure. You love long rides. You love making your own fire, making your own tent, and sleeping under the stars. You...

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Boat Rental

Boat Rental | Causeway Marina LLC

Causeway Marina LLC is perfect for adventurers of all ages. We know that man always have a connection with nature, and...

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Marina | Causeway Marina LLC

Staying with Causeway Marina LLC is more than just a great stop over for your long, wanderlust journey. We offer you the...

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Offering the best of the outdoors and wildlife with the best recreational activities to enjoy.

Welcome to Causeway Marina LLC

Hear the beckoning of freedom: the open air, blue skies, cheerful sunlight, and the amazing view of nature as your recreational vehicle glides through rare paths. It’s an escape from your daily routine, the urban life—and now, with the family and friends whom you love the most, you set off into an adventure where fun and pleasure awaits. No skyscraper buildings, just tall trees reaching to the clouds, and the sparkling reflection of the morning sun on the dancing waters, waiting for you to step into. Now, open those doors and see what we have for you. Here in Causeway Marina LLC, you’re in for a terrific surprise.

You have gone places, drove many miles, and overcame a lot of challenges along the road just to get here in Seven Points, and we want to reward your labor by giving you a fantastic setting for rest and recreation. Park your RV, get your feet on the earth, and wander into our vacation spot wherein campers thrive. Spot bonfires, boat rides and water sports, ready to douse you with excitement. We’ve got great food and beer for your company, and we’d like to make you feel at ease during your stay. Enjoy various activities, such as:

• Camping
• Fishing
• Live Bait
• Boat Slip Rental
• Boat Launch
• Gas on Water, with Emergency Ship to Shore Radio

Our site has been redesigned to offer a modern, laidback atmosphere for your convenience. We have a warm, Christian environment; everyone is welcome and you’ll surely be accommodated by our friendly staff! Book with us and discover the lax of outdoor life, with the best panoramas here in Seven Points, TX!

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Causeway Marina LLC

Business Address:

1106 E Cedar Creek Parkway
Seven Points, Texas 75143

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(903) 432-2248

Business Hours

Mon-Sat 6:00am - 10:00pm
Sun 6:00am - 8:00pm

Located on the western side of Cedar Creek Lake, in Seven Points, Texas, we are your one stop shop for fun on the water.
Visit our full-service convenience store and gas station, where you can purchase live bait, food, beer and wine before launching your boat at our marina.